MCAI Membership MCQ Examination

MCAI Membership MCQ Examination


  • The MCAI-MCQ and MCAI-OSCE/SOE  examinations were held in Perdana University, Malaysia once a year prior to Covid-19 pandemic. For updated international examination centres please refer CAI website.

  • Examination Regulations and Membership Syllabus can be obtained from Link to CAI Examination Regulations

Exam Centres, Timetable & Fees

  • To apply to sit for the MCAI-MCQ the candidate must be registered with the Malaysian Medical Council and have a minimum of 6 months anaesthesia training in an anaesthesia specialist-based hospital.

  • To apply to sit for the MCAI – OSCE/SOE the candidate must have a minimum of 12 months’ training in anaesthesia, out of which a minimum of 6 months must be spent in a Regional or Accredited Hospital.

  • The candidate may apply to sit for the MCAI - MCQ and OSCE/SOE through the CAI website, which will direct all Malaysian candidates to the Malaysian web page.

  • Link to CAI Examinations -Exam Applications

Exam Applications

  • Upon passing the MCAI – MCQ the candidate must register with BPL and CoA, AMM, and is eligible to apply for entry into the MOH Parallel Pathway Training Programme after fulfilling all General Requirements (Syarat Umum) and Specialty Specific requirements (Syarat Khusus). Refer to Training Structure Document section 3.0.